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Cordyline australis photo


A good ingredient for a jungly sub-tropical garden or red border, the cabbage palm, Cordyline australis, is a striking foliage plant with its long, thin, arching, purple leaves.

It is usually grown in a large container, making a good contrast with the tall yellow Lilium 'Citronella', though it can also be used as summer bedding around the likes of a taller, flamboyant clump of cannas.

Since it isn't totally hardy, it must be kept in a frost-free place over winter.

If being grown outside permanently, it needs a sheltered hot spot,
and the leaves will have to be covered over winter.

It is fairly hardy and can be exposed to full sun or partial shade.

It likes soil which is well-drained and light. It grows to a height of 500cm, with a spread of 400cm.

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